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Feb 11, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Mercury versus Oscillometric Device in Measuring Blood Pressure in Elderly: Which Is Authentic?

Vathulan Sujanitha, Thirunavukarasu Kumanan, Mahesan Guruparan, Thavakularatnam Inthuja
Aim: To compare the systolic and diastolic blood pressure in both arms in elderly patients by mercury sphygmomanometer and oscillometric recorders adopting standard practice of measuring blood pressure. Materials and methods: It is a cross sectional study done in 204 elderly patients aged more than 60 years over a period of two months at teaching hospital, Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Blood pressure was

Jan 25, 2018Open    AccessArticle

LLIN Ownership, Utilization, and Malaria Prevalence: An Outlook at the 2015 Nigeria Malaria Indicator Survey

Jalal-Eddeen Abubakar Saleh, Abdullahi Saddiq, Akubue Augustine Uchenna
Background: Malaria is a disease caused by an infected female Anopheles mosquito. Nigeria, one of the two epicenters of malaria transmission across the globe, contributes to 40 percent global malaria burden. The disease, considered a global priority, has an annual global death toll of around 400,000 people. The global reduction in malaria burden which is the result of direct scale-up of one of the core malaria interventions using

Jan 17, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Assessment of Quality of Life in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure in Yalgado Ouédraogo University Hospital of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

Koudougou Jonas Kologo, Georges Rosario Christian Millogo, Anna Thiam Tall, Théodore Boro, Georges Kinda, Yibar Kambiré, Yaya Barro, Laurent Sia, Hermann E. Adoko, Robert Natama, Jean Baptiste Tougma, André K. Samadoulougou, Patrice Zabsonré
Objective: Our study aimed at assessing the quality of life (QoL) of patients treated for chronic heart failure (HF), and analyzing the impact of certain factors on that QoL, in the cardiology department of Yalgado Ouédraogo University Hospital of Ouagadougou. Means and Method: It was a descriptive cross-sectional study, performed over a six-month period from May to October 2016. In the study, patients with age over 18 years were

Dec 28, 2017Open    AccessArticle

Investigation of a Suspected Malaria Outbreak in Sokoto State, Nigeria, 2016

Jalal-Eddeen Abubakar Saleh, Alemu Wondimagegnehu, Rex Mpazanje, Lynda Ozor, Sule Abdullahi
Background: Malaria, a vector borne disease that contributes to the 17 percent of the global burden of infectious diseases, is preventable, treatable and completely curable. The disease is endemic in Nigeria, staggering at 27 percent prevalence and contributes up to 29 percent of global burden of the disease. It contributes to the high child mortality in Nigeria, attributed 30 percent of under five deaths. In Oct

Dec 20, 2017Open    AccessArticle

Investigation of Hepatitis Functioning through Bilurbin at Blood Donors with HBV and HCV Positive

Kabengele Arlette Ndaya, A. Mbaz Ruth Kamb, Mulongo Pauline Kalenga, Ilunga Clarisse Manji, Kasongo Narcisse Mwinkeu
The analysis of the liver functioning through bilurbin dosage has been up on fifty blood donors. The reactive bandages have been used to seek bilurbines in the urines of those patients considered as carriers with HBV and HCV. After analysis, this descriptive study has shown that out of 31 cases found at men more than 25 years old, 27 cases whose livers don’t function present a hyper degree of bilurbine when

Dec 07, 2017Open    AccessArticle

A Case Crossover Analysis of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest and Particulate Matter Air Pollution: Investigation of Specific Subgroups

Marie Albert, Mohamed Lemdani, Damien Cuny, Patrick Duriez, Joséphine Escutnaire, Pierre-Yves Gueugniaud, Eric Wiel, Hervé Hubert, Christophe Di Pompeo
There is increasing evidence of association between particulate matter air pollution and cardiovascular mortality and morbidity. However, the association with the out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) event is less clear. We investigated the effects of short-term particulate matter exposure on OHCA especially among specific subgroups. The study included OHCA tha

Nov 29, 2017Open    AccessArticle

The Influence of Certain Socio-Demographic and Economic Factors for the Need of Orthodontic Treatment

Yulia Bogdanova Peeva
The present study is aimed at analyzing the respondents between socio- demographic and economic factors on one side, and patient’s expectation, on the other, with the need of orthodontic treatment. Material and methods: By using a sociological method of straight-group questionnaire the subjects (89 young adults) of experimental and control group have been

Nov 28, 2017Open    AccessArticle

Evaluation of Female Condom Use among Students at the University of Lubumbashi: Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on University Cities

Mujanayi Mujanayi Jean Bernard, Ilunga Kandolo Simon, Matungulu Matungulu Charles, Kaya Mulumbati Charles, Mashini Ngongo Ghislain, Mwembotambwe Ankoy Albert, Kabyla Ilunga Benjamin, Kalengamwenze Kayamba Prosper
Introduction: The use of the female condom is still very low on university campuses. This study was conducted to assess the knowledge, attitudes and practices of female condom use in Lubumbashi. Method: We conducted a cross-sectional study on the use of the female condom on university campuses. Our sample consisted of 300 individuals, including 169 women and 131 men. A questionnaire was established to co

Nov 20, 2017Open    AccessArticle

Research Progress on Trypanosomiasis in China

Sihong Shen, Jianfa Liu
In this paper, the research on biological characteristics, the immunological antigens of trypanosomes, the molecular biological researches on the mechanism of trypanosomiasis, and the study of chemotherapy on trypanosomiasis have been summarized. The prospects of trypanosome and trypanosomiasis have been provided.

Oct 31, 2017Open    AccessArticle

Behaviour of People Living with HIV Aids in Northeastern Nigeria

Mohammed Tahiru Bolori, Mary Olubisi Amodu, Isah Muhammad Ahmad, Haruna Yusuph, Jalal-Eddeen Abubakar Saleh
Introduction: Human Behavior is important as one of the determinants of transmission of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection. The risk of getting infected with HIV as well as subsequent developments and reactions after the infection has a direct bearing on human behavior. Positive behavior change of HIV infection prevention is less than the level of awareness and knowledge pertaining the disease am