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Combining Curriculum Construction of Control Theory with Cloud Platform Based Virtual Case Simulation

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105479, PP. 1-5

Subject Areas: Education

Keywords: Control Theory, Vehicle Engineering, Cloud Platform, Curriculum Construction

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With the wide application of AI in various fields, Control Theory, an indispensable curriculum for the new generation of AI related specialties, has become increasingly important. Taking full account of the rapid development of intelligent car industry and the characteristics of Control Theory curriculum, a virtual simulation laboratory is designed based on cloud platform service, conducting virtual simulation of optimal control of active suspension, optimal design of ABS, optimal control of four-wheel steering system, and autopilot system so on. Through case analyzing, students can master basic concepts, modeling methods, basic analysis and correction methods of Control Theory, and make all the portions work together well. Simultaneously, the skill of modeling, simulation and optimization of actual system is greatly enhanced for the students.

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Wang, Y. , Liu, M. , Xu, S. , Xu, S. and Yang, L. (2020). Combining Curriculum Construction of Control Theory with Cloud Platform Based Virtual Case Simulation. Open Access Library Journal, 7, e5479. doi:


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