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Brief Discussion on the Origin and Emotion of Ancient Chinese Poetry

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105712, PP. 1-7

Subject Areas: Literature

Keywords: Poetry, Origin, Labor, Poems Endowed with Feelings, Time and Space

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Poetry is the earliest literary style in ancient China. It was originally presented as the “trinity of poetry, music and dance” and two words and three words as a form of beat. Ancient poetry originated from the labor production of the ancient society. With the awakening of human subject consciousness and the prosperity of ritual music culture, poetry was vigorously developed in the ritual etiquette and widely used in social life. The concept of “poems endowed with feelings” in ancient poetry theory profoundly summarizes and reveals that emotion is the internal cause of poet’s creation of poetry, and plays the most important feature of judging poetry. The emotional source of poetry’s creation of poetry often comes from the change of time and space, and the consciousness of time and space becomes an important perspective to explore poetry creation and thought and emotion.

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Tian, Y. (2019). Brief Discussion on the Origin and Emotion of Ancient Chinese Poetry. Open Access Library Journal, 6, e5712. doi:


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