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Modeling of MIMO-OFDM Channel with STBC and Directivity to Combat Fading and Co-Channel Interference

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1106809, PP. 1-15

Subject Areas: Simulation/Analytical Evaluation of Communication Systems

Keywords: MIMO, STBC, Beamforming, Cellular, Interferers, Co-Channels

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A wireless communication system for cellular technology is currently considered a very important topic for mobile phone. The design of such systems needs to include their multipath and fading main problems. In this paper, a MIMO-OFDM channel is designed and modeled to combat such problems, as well as STBS and directivity are also involved in this design to increase system reliability and enhance BER performance. The modeling and simulation process of the designed systems are carried out using Matlab software (ver. R2019a). Without directivity, simulation process shows that including STBC results on average a gain of ≈ 1.5 dB for different spatial stream. With respect to the no directivity (2 × 1 case), when directivity of 4 × 1 and 8 × 1 spatial streams are introduced (at fixed 15 dB S/N), the BER improvement values are 85% and 95% for 5 Km (cluster size k = 4) and 9.5 Km (cluster size k = 7) co-channels interferers position for BS respectively.

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Farej, Z. K. and Al-Najafi, A. T. (2020). Modeling of MIMO-OFDM Channel with STBC and Directivity to Combat Fading and Co-Channel Interference . Open Access Library Journal, 7, e6809. doi:


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