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Dec 16, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Use of Ferro Frit 3110 in Developing Glazes for Omani Earthenware Clays: Evaluation of Color Quality for Ceramic Decoration in High Schools

Badar Almamari, Faeza Al-Thamari, Zahra Al-Zadjali, Qais Alsalhi
In this studio and laboratory research study, the suitability of several glazes for use on the earthenware clays used by local potters in the internal provinces of Oman was investigated. The aim was to develop suitable, economic glazes from local materials for use with Omani earthenware clays that could form an adequate adhesive bond with the clay surface and be used in ceramics decoration in local educational institutions. In particular, the experiments in this study mainly evaluated the use of...
Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

May 20, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Discussing the Coloration Mechanism of Luodian Jade from Guizhou

Lei Wang, Jinhui Lin, Taiping Ye, Jing Tan, Bing Wang, Lin Yang
In this paper, we have discussed the coloration mechanism based on visible absorption spectra testing by selecting three typical samples of Luodian jade with white, pallor and cyan. The attribution analysis of absorption spectra showed that absorption of Luodian jade in visible light mainly includes charge transfer spectrum of Fe2 → Ti4 (at 490 nm - 500 nm) and Fe2 → Fe3 (at 523 nm - 536 nm, 646 nm - 657 nm), electron transition 6A1 → 4T2 (4G) of Fe3 (at 615 nm - 632 nm, 685 nm - 694 nm) an...
Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

Apr 29, 2020Open    AccessArticle

The Role of Mg2 and BSA Langmuir Monolayers in Controlling Polymorph and Morphology of CaCO3 Crystal

Zhonghui Xue, Ning Xue
Mg2 and bovine serum albumin (BSA) Langmuir monolayers were used as effective crystal nucleation and growth modifiers and template to control the crystallization of CaCO3. The polymorph and morphology of crystals were characterized using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and X-ray diffraction (XRD). The results demonstrated that various morphologies such as abacus-bead-like particles, spherical-shaped particles, wood block-like particle
Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

Apr 23, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Utilisation of Glass for the Production of Inorganic Polymeric Materials for Construction Industry

Thomas Parisis, Nicole Mavrovounioti, Panayiotis Antoniades
This paper deals with the utilisation of glass coming from municipal waste mainly for the production of inorganic polymeric materials, with advanced mechanical properties, intended for the construction industry. The development of glass-based geopolymers, achieving high compressive strength and low water absorption, is described, and the produced materials are compared with some common construction and building materials.
Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

Feb 17, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Attenuation and Shielding Performance of Wood-Polymer Composites Synthesized via Melt-Blend Technique

Abubakar Yakubu, Zulkifli Abbas, Abdullahi Sirajo
In the recent, filler-polymer composites researches have been on the rise due to its implication to electromagnetic interference (EMI) applications. The composition, morphology and surface rheology of the filler-polymer composites play an immense role in determining the electrical, mechanical, and optical properties. In this paper, the preparation and characterization of micro-composites of wood (biodegradable waste material)/polycaprolactone (PCL) composites a
Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

Dec 25, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Mechanical Properties of Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Rubber (NBR)/Poly (Vinyl Chloride) Resin Binary Blend

Ali I. Al-Mosawi, Mohammed H. Al-Maamor, Kálmán Marossy, Haider A. Yasser, Shaymaa Abbas Abdulsada
Changes in the mechanical properties of Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Rubber (NBR)/Poly (vinyl chloride) resin binary blend were investigated. Poly (vinyl chloride) resin additives were within range (0 - 70) wt.%, and the measured mechanical properties included tensile strength, elongation, and compression strength. The obtained results showed that the tensile and elongation value of NBR starts to decrease with the addition of PVC resin
Open Access Library J. Vol.6, 2019

Jul 13, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Developing a Methodology for Determining Design and Operating Requirements for Contracting Tunnel Works

Nikolaos Vagiokas
Directive 2004/54/EC [1] on minimum safety requirements for tunnels in the trans-European road network sets the bases for establishing an acceptable safety level for tunnel users across EU member states. Furthermore, many EU member states enforce stricter safety requirements for tunnels in their territory. The lack of a methodology for determining design and operating requirements for tunnels leads many times to an expensive over-
Open Access Library J. Vol.5, 2018

Jan 31, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Technological Procedure for Recycling of PET Waste for Sustainable Environment Concept Achievement

Ali I. Al-Mosawi, Shaymaa Abbas Abdulsada
In this research, polyethylene terephthalate bottles (PET) waste was added to styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) to manufacture road bumps, as a technological procedure for recycling this PET waste, in order to maintain a clean and sustainable environment. Polyethylene terephthalate bottles were cut as grooved strips and added to bump SBR batch with various percentages (0 - 100 pphr). Mechanical tests were perf
Open Access Library J. Vol.5, 2018

Nov 13, 2017Open    AccessArticle

The Characterization of Steel Slag by Alkali Activation

Ikmal Hakem Aziz, Khairunnisa Zulkifly, Konstantinos Sakkas, Dimitrios Panias, Georgia Maria Tsaousi, Mohd Mustafa Abdullah Al Bakri, Heah Cheng Yong
This paper presents a characterization analysis of alkali-activated steel slag. The effect ratio of steel slag and ferronickel slag which are the precursor materials on the compressive strength of the alkali-activated materials was investigated. The combination of sodium hydroxide solution of 15 moles concentration and sodium silicate was used as an alkaline activator. The ratio between steel slag and alkaline liquid was fixed at
Open Access Library J. Vol.4, 2017

Sep 28, 2017Open    AccessArticle

Structural and Optical Properties Evolution of Au/SiO2 Nanocomposite Films: The Influence of Substrate Temperature and Thermal Annealing

Ahmed Belahmar, Ali Chouiyakh, Mounir Fahoume
Au/SiO2 nanocomposite films, studied in this work, were prepared by RF-magnetron sputtering technique on glass substrate at room temperature under two different substrate temperatures (Ts), and subsequent heat treatment. For the deposited sample at TS = 25℃, no apparent surface plasmon resonance peak could be observed. After annealing
Open Access Library J. Vol.4, 2017


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